article marketing tips for you

Article spinning can prove very harmful for your marketing if not done in a correct manner. I have personally seen people write crappy contents or scrape an article from any article directory and then spin it for approx. 10-20% uniqueness and then post it across article directories and then see negative effects. To avoid such penalties one should always try to go for a better approach with their article spinning techniques. To begin with always write your own article and write it in such a way that it should have an appeal and also should have high quality. Try to go for a simple and plain language article rather than some complex piece which nobody would understand.

Next thing you would want to do is to use a good article spinner. Most article spinner are made for the cause of making money and scamming people. There is no easy navigation to select words and either it selects randomly or you have to choose words one by one. Also try to look for a software which has a good database and multiple spinning options. Choosing best article spinner can make a huge difference to your article submission and marketing results. Article rewriter is a software which allows you to create atleast a dozen of unique articles from just one article and all should read well. Some like demon spin might even produce more.

After you have generated spun articles using article rewriter you would want to take an additional step before you start submitting them. This is to check your articles for grammatical correctness. Though it can be done manually you can also try to make it easier with the help of Microsoft Word. When you paste your spun article in microsoft word you will notice that any grammatical incorrect statement will get underlined with a green wavy line. You can right click on these sentences and correct them with the options available. Once these corrections have been made you can go for article submission wherein you will only post high quality articles without fearing any duplicate content penalty.